Outsourcing, in the field of e-commerce, is rapidly becoming very popular due to the help of the internet in this segment. Thanks to it, global communication has prospered. Earlier, people had to be dependent on a local expert in the field. Now, outsourcing has been making an impact on every aspect of the business, right from manufacturing, custom services to back office staffing.

Outsourcing e-commerce has positively affected India, but the topic is extremely controversial in western countries. Innumerable people have a low opinion on outsourcing e-commerce asserting that it is the primary reason for the loss of domestic jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector. Claims have been raised against the topic as the employment of people gets affected due to it.

On the contrast, people support outsourcing e-commerce because of its caliber to create incentives for businesses in the effective apportion of resources. It has also been believed that outsourcing has significantly contributed to globalization and that it goes hand in hand with the free market economy.

Outsourcing of e-commerce assists in reducing the costs, speeding up the process of developing and delivering the latest technological trends. Outsourcing in e-commerce helps you to situate cardinal services available in the marketplace. The facilities are offered by world-class experts who help one to gain a competitive edge in his or her e-commerce business.

So below are the reasons for which you should outsource e-commerce development to India


1) Reduces overall costs

Outsourcing your e-commerce developments to India not only benefits the overall aspect of the project but it also brings down the cost factors by 87 % in the IT and business sectors. This provides cost efficiency and easy access to highly skilled and talented programmers and developers to come into the limelight. Flexibility in purchasing is displayed which helps you to shift the services forward or backward as per your convenience instead of the permanent hiring of the workforce.


2) Exposure to the Latest Technology

Your e-commerce business should reach the markets you wish to focus on. There are innumerable e-commerce outsourcing firms out there that provide software development services, web designing, management and operation services, and other IT ideas. Firms are well aware of the trends and solutions that can optimize according to the market needs with the help of the best technology in the world. This will definitely guide small-scale and medium-sized e-businesses which do not have access to such technologies like already developed businesses

3) A Perfect Application and Website

A strong outsourcing company helps in the creation of a competitive, yet a healthy platform for your e-commerce business. The importance of a good website can be understood by the fact that nearly 38% of people exit the website if they find the layout and page structure unpleasing. Outsourcing specialized firms help in allotting custom designed based website, easy navigation, and mobile as well as optimized tablet design that allows you to manage the content and orders. Studies say that nearly 60% of firms in Europe are enjoying the profits of outsourcing in their information technology.


4) Engaging Marketing Strategies

The smart and experienced companies make use of strategies that are meant to develop the performance and profits of the business. Making use of Predictive Analysis will help the e-commerce business in the multiplication of the sales, keep you updated on the ongoing competition in the market and thereby, give a customized experience to the customers. Using this analysis, the business holder can determine which product is selling and gaining colossal exposure and profits, which products need to be discontinued, where the demand scale is lying, during which period of the year sales is high, the target people who are purchasing and many more. This means that companies and businesses can well anticipate the shifts and trends in the market in advance and keep themselves prepared in the competition.


5) Security Factor

Data security is one of the main concerns in the e-commerce business. A plethora of personal information right from name to payment details is at disposal. Ergo, handling it with supreme safety becomes the first and foremost responsibility before proceeding further in e-commerce. If you desire to get a global reach, then your payment option needs to accept a wide range of currencies and cards. This creates expansion and flexibility in payment options and hence, you may be subjected to security threats. Therefore, outsourcing a secure payment option can way more increase your security and ensure that your data falls in the right hands. Outsourcing will help you to cater to the customer’s preferred mode of transaction. Many online platforms such as Magento have expert developers help to take advantage of custom security patches.


6) Cloud computing – The New Form of Outsourcing

Cloud computing offers the most reliable and trusted infrastructure for outsourcing. You can directly concentrate on the core business rather than wasting time worrying about the digital infrastructure and servers. The malleability it provides tends to be very cost effective and speeds up the business. The need for the recruitment of IT staff for the management of servers is dismissed with the proper use of cloud computing outsourcing. During the period when your site is drawing huge attention and traffic, you can scale the services as per your convenience.


7) Acceleration of Innovation

Since you are not engaged in the physical demands of maintaining your e-commerce store, you can be more quick-witted and change your business strategy as per your need whenever necessary. You get the time to explore new ideas, products, new geographical markets, and new technologies.



Outsourcing helps you to focus on your core business and thereby compete with the best global companies. You can quickly acquire the access to quality services, save costs, etc. Statistics state that 60% of the total outsourcing field is deployed to IT workers. This clearly points out the enormous demand and fame. To sum up, development of the e-commerce becomes easier when it is outsourced. It simply saves time that you can invest in the core procedures of your business.



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